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The programs are written with Visual for Windows .NetFrameWork  version 4.0 or 4.6 is necessary. 

Agreement to a licensing document of each program is necessary.

The programs offered here are free of charge.

 EcoTox is to estimate EC50 and NOEC (no observed effective concentration) from the eco-toxicological experimental result.

EcoTox is designed to analise the ecotoxicity test data based on OECD Test Guideline.

The latest version is 3.01.01(deviced in August,02,2018.   

PAS is the program to estimate eco-toxicity from structure by structure-activity relationship and read across.
-- Now only for trial --


( Platform for  Assessment from Structure ]

  PAS provides a prototype of QSAR (Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship). PAS has the basic function of definition of partial structure (fragment) , searching logic and drawing of chemical structure.  

   PAS (version 1) was employed in KATE(KAshinhou Tool for Ecotoxicity; National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan) as a program to estimate eco-toxicity.

   The definition and search method for fragments is named as 'FITS'; Fragment Identification by Tree Structure'. FITS  has developed and changed widely for an easy use at version 2. 


   It is possible to use the program as it is with or without fleshing out the database.The latest version is 2.00.04 (Deviced on 2017.11.01).

   The reason why I provide the prototype is to facilitate the user to maintain own data, enables the changes of the program, and reconstruct own QSAR system.

    Please click [Download Source Code] for the source code PAS_U. PAS_U provide a system as a sample for your own QSAR development. The program equips also the sample for Read Across and decision path of two ramification method. 

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