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Because the program file has a big size, I am put them in Dropbox.

1. Move to an applicable folder (Disk1) in Dropbox by the click "Download".

2.Select 'direct downloading" after clicking "downloading" of the folder top right corner.

3.After Dropbox summarizes all files and folders in one Zip file,  choose 'preservation" - "named preservation' of the most undermentioned column.

4.As the destination folder candidate of one's PC is shown, save it in a suitable folder.

5.When downloading is completed, it is the end.

About Download

About Install

  Windows 8,10 carries security capability "Window SmartScreen" to protect a system from a certain malice software, and it protects a PC.

When you clicked EcoTox,PAS.exe and was going to install, ​Windows may displays warning message like;

  "It may cause a problem to a computer because there was few users who downloaded"


  "Stopped start of the application that was not recognized. A problem may happen to a PC when you carry out this application." 

 The proof (charged a fee) of "the origin of issuance" is not attached to my program.

 There is no method having you trust me. The following is my personal histry.

 Graduated Gifu  Pharmaceutical University.

 Work at Osaka city institute of Environment, Gifu College of Medical Technology and Oita University. 

 Now retired. I am still a member of some comities about chemical eco-toxicity by the Ministry of the Environment.

 When you continue installation, click "Detailed information". Furthermore, you push the "Practice" button.

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